Plinko Casino Game by BGAMING

Welcome to the Plinko Casino Game by BGAMING, a nexus where chance and skill collide. If you’ve ever wondered how to harness your strategic prowess to win big in the dynamic arena of crypto gaming, look no further. Let’s embark on a journey through the twists and turns of Plinko, and see if you have what it takes to conquer the game!


Up To +500% on Deposit


Up to 120% Bonus
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First Deposit Bonus Up to $/€ 300
First Deposit Bonus Up to $/€ 300


Up To +500% on Deposit


Up To +500% on Deposit


Plinko slot Overview

The Plinko Casino Game is one of the most enthralling crash games that has captured the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts. Available as an app, this game brings real casino vibes straight to your fingertips. At its core, the meaning of the game is straightforward: you drop a chip and watch it navigate through a maze of pegs before landing in a designated slot, determining the prize. The rules are simple, yet the play can be strategic. You must decide where to drop the chip and how much to bet, making every game session an exciting blend of luck and strategy.


  • User-Friendly: Easy to use and quick to understand, making it accessible for all players.
  • High Winning Potential: Allows players the chance to win large sums of crypto coin assets.
  • Practice Mode: Features a free demo mode for players to familiarize themselves with the game without any risks.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Available on both smartphones and tablets, offering flexibility in gameplay.
  • Appealing Aesthetics: Boasts a colorful and eye-pleasing design and graphics.
  • Strategic Play: Offers multiple risk levels to enhance chances of maximizing winnings.
  • High Return to Player (RTP): The game has a high RTP rate, which is favorable for players.


  • Betting Limit: The game has a maximum bet restriction of only $100, limiting high rollers or those looking to place large bets.

Play Plinko Online

In my quest to find the best places to play Plinko online, I’ve come across some top-notch casino sites that stand out from the rest. Not only do they offer opportunities to bet using Bitcoin, but many also provide free slots to elevate your gaming experience. If you’re wondering where to buy the Plinko game crypto or simply want a thrilling play session, these platforms are the way to go!

Plinko Unique Features

The Plinko Predictor stands out as a renowned online casino game, providing participants with an exhilarating opportunity to secure impressive rewards. While it maintains the conventional mechanics of slot games, it introduces a few distinct elements that differentiate it from its counterparts.

Game type

It’s a game of chance where you drop a chip, and it bounces through a field of pegs, ultimately landing in a Plinko game slot that determines your prize or outcome. Betting in the best Plinko game has recently seen a surge in popularity, especially with the integration of crypto as a form of wager. 

Interactive Visuals

As I explored the game’s interface, its interactive visuals instantly struck a chord with me. The game presents a pyramid filled with white dots or pins, setting the stage for the main action. Directly beneath this pyramid, there are three distinct rows colored red, yellow, and green, representing the multipliers crucial for the Plinko game strategy. To the right, there’s a bet control panel, streamlining the process for those looking to play the Plinko game real money by choosing their desired bet amount. 


Understanding Plinko game odds is essential for any player seeking to get the most out of the game. Given the variance in multipliers and risk levels on the game board, the odds differ accordingly.

House Edge is 4% for the Low, Medium, and High-Risk levels. For those venturing into the Extreme mode, the house edge nearly doubles to about 8%. 

Odds give a clearer picture of the player’s chances of achieving a particular outcome. They’re determined by dividing the probability of a particular outcome by the total number of potential outcomes.


Plinko stands out in the world of online casino games, particularly due to its impressive return-to-player (RTP) rate. With a whopping 99.98% RTP, the casino gambling Plinko game online is a gem for those who appreciate games that offer a high payback ratio meaning that for every $100 wagered on the game, players can expect, on average, to get back $99.98. 


What makes Plinko truly unique is its variable volatility. In this game, you have the autonomy to set the volatility level every time you play online. This flexibility allows players to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences and risk tolerance – but I’ll delve deeper into that aspect shortly.

Unique Features

Plinko stands out from the crowd with several distinctive features that heighten the gaming experience:

  • Provably Fair: transparent gameplay that allows players to verify the fairness of each drop, ensuring total randomness.
  • Autoplay Dynamics: The gameplay gets intensified with the autoplay mode. As you place more autoplay bets, an increasing number of balls will drop simultaneously. 
  • Shortcut Key: With the key, you can speed up the disc’s descent, revealing your winnings almost instantly.
  • Risk Levels: The game ensures an adrenaline-pumping experience with varying risk levels. The colors of the multiplier lines play a pivotal role: green signifies the lowest multipliers, followed by yellow with moderate coefficients.
  • Plinko Multipliers: Central to the gameplay are tri-colored multipliers. With green as the starting point at x11, players can aim for the pinnacle – the red multiplier, which boasts an impressive x555.
  • Maximum Winning Potential: up to 1000 times at a minimal risk level. A player can potentially bag a staggering $55,500 from a mere $100 instant bet!

How to Play the Plinko Gambling Game

  1. Position your token(s) at the board’s pinnacle. Tokens can be versatile – from coins, pebbles, chips, or any item that fits snugly into the slots. 
  2. Release your chosen token into any of the top slots. 
  3. Observe the token’s journey as it maneuvers through the board, bouncing from one side to the other, cascading from row to row until it reaches the base. 
  4. The final resting spot of your token determines if you’ve secured a reward. 
  5. Continue with the mentioned procedures until all your tokens are utilized.


Engaging with Plinko’s gameplay was a breeze for me. All I had to do was release the ball, letting it bounce unpredictably until it settled on a particular win amount. Its simplicity was captivating, but I quickly realized that familiarizing myself with the rules and gaming techniques enhanced my experience. 

As I glanced to the right of my screen, the pyramid-shaped board became the focal point, guiding the trajectory of the bouncing ball. Above and below this board, I found various controls, intuitively placed, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming session.

Balls Meaning 

In Plinko, the color of the ball you choose isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s an indicator meaning the risk level you’re taking on. Here’s how they break down from my experience:

  • Green Ball: This is the safest choice. Opting for the green ball offers a more straightforward path to winning, as it’s designed to land in the green boxes. While the rewards are more frequent, they tend to be on the lower side in terms of payout.
  • Yellow Ball: This is a middle-ground option. The yellow ball lands exclusively in the yellow boxes, providing a balanced mix of risk and reward.
  • Red Ball: This is for those who love a gamble. The red ball has the potential for the most significant payouts, represented by its ability to land in the red boxes which house the highest bet multiplier values. However, with great rewards comes a higher risk, making it the ball with the most potential for losses.

Placing bets

Engaging in a game requires a blend of strategy and luck. Here are some tips based on my experience on how to place bets in this exhilarating game:

  • Setting Your Bet Amount: Begin by deciding how much you’d like to wager on each spin – the bet range is between €0.1 and €100.
  • Quick Bet Adjustments: For swift stake adjustments, use the Maximum and Minimum buttons. 
  • Choosing the Number of Rows: By navigating to the “Lines” section, you can opt for anywhere between 8 to 16 rows. 
  • Adjusting the Risk Level: Whether you prefer low, medium, or high stakes, the game has got you covered. Altering this will significantly influence the prize at the board’s base.
  • Choosing Bet Mode: You are free to decide between two gameplay modes – auto or manual. Remember, that while increasing the number of spins can boost potential payouts, it also makes clinching a win more challenging.

Multiplier mode

BGaming’s Plinko version introduces a demarcated Risk Level feature, segmented into low, medium, and high tiers. As anticipated, with a hike in the risk level comes a surge in potential rewards. The risk spectrum, denoted by green, yellow, and red, echoes the BGaming version’s sentiment: heightened risk is synonymous with increased payouts.  

Bonus and Bonus Codes

During Plinko gameplay, some fortunate players might hit the coveted bonus slots. These unique slots typically grant extra points or complimentary spins, contingent on the slot’s nature. Additionally, the occasional bonus code offers players an added boost in the form of extra betting chips. Such features enhance winning probabilities and prolong the entertainment factor for enthusiasts.

Play Plinko for real money – best strategies


  • Exercise patience. Given that this game heavily relies on luck, approach it calmly without rushing your bets. Players should also consider wagering on the underdogs, as these bets might surprise with substantial rewards.
  • Determine your boundaries. Before delving into the game, decide on a loss threshold that you’re comfortable with. This proactive measure prevents players from exceeding their set limits and inadvertently overspending.
  • Leverage any bonus rounds. These additional rounds provide players with extra opportunities to amplify their winnings or earn more.
  • Embrace the joy of the game. While victories are delightful, the essence of playing Plinko is the exhilarating experience. So, immerse yourself in the game and cherish the moments!

Can I play Plinko Betting with Crypto?

Plinko has embraced the modern era of online gambling by allowing players to bet with cryptocurrencies. Many online casinos and gaming platforms offer Plinko as part of their suite of games, and several of these now accept bets in popular crypto coin assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others. This integration of crypto offers players a seamless, secure, and often faster method of transaction.

Can I Play Plinko Gaming for free?

Many online casinos and gaming platforms offer a “demo” or “free play” version of Plinko, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the game without wagering crypto coin assets. This free mode provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to understand the mechanics, rules, and strategies of the game without any financial commitment. If it is not available in your region, use VPN. It’s also a great way for seasoned players to practice or simply enjoy the game for entertainment purposes.

Demo Version

For those eager to acquaint themselves with Plinko gambling game free mechanics without staking their hard-earned coin immediately, the game’s demo versions are the perfect solution. These free-to-play versions offer players the opportunity to navigate the board’s layout, experiment with various strategies, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the game’s nuances. By immersing themselves in the demo mode, players can hone their skills, refine their approach, and build confidence.

Download Plinko on Mobile

During the Plinko game app review, I realized it is the best app ever! Download the game straight to your mobile and take it with you wherever you roam. Whether you’re on an Android or iOS device, this iconic casino game is just a tap away. Dive in now and relish an exhilarating gameplay experience with top-notch apps that mirror the pulse-pounding excitement of an actual casino.

Is Plinko Casino Game Legit?

In many jurisdictions, Plinko and similar crash games fall under the purview of gambling regulations because they involve staking a coin with the potential for financial returns. Online platforms offering these games typically require a gambling license to operate legally. The requirements for obtaining such a license can vary. They often involve background checks, financial audits, and ensuring the game is legit, fair, and not fake.

Peculiarities in Different Countries

  • United States: Online gambling laws are primarily state-regulated. Some states, like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have legalized online gambling, while others maintain strict prohibitions. 
  • United Kingdom: The UK Gambling Commission oversees all gambling activities. Online casinos, including those offering games like Plinko, must obtain a license. 
  • Australia: Online casino games are generally prohibited, but sports betting and online lotteries are legal.
  • Canada: The legality of online gambling is a gray area, with regulations largely set at the provincial level. Some provinces allow it, while others do not.
  • European Union: Nations like Spain, Italy, and France have established licensing systems, while others, like Norway, have stricter controls.
  • Asia: In countries like Singapore and South Korea, online gambling is mostly illegal, while regions like Macau thrive on casino revenue. Japan has strict anti-gambling laws, but there are exceptions for certain games.

What is Plinko X?



Plinko X is a new Plinko game that represents the latest evolution of its predecessor infusing it with a fresh and dynamic twist. This revamped version introduces an array of innovative rules and gameplay elements that elevate its excitement and intrigue to unprecedented heights. As players navigate their journey through Plinko X, they’re greeted with novel levels, captivating power-ups, enticing bonuses, and a plethora of unexpected delights, ensuring a continually rejuvenated and exhilarating experience.

How does it differ from classic Plinko?

Plinko X sets itself apart from classic Plinko with revamped gameplay and enhanced features. While the traditional game focuses on the ‘plinking’ method for scoring, Plinko X offers diverse ways to earn points, such as collecting coins and achieving goals. Additionally, the new version enriches gameplay with power-ups, bonuses, and new levels, providing a more engaging and visually appealing experience than the classic version.

Summing Up

Plinko by BGAMING is a dynamic and strategic casino game that seamlessly integrates both chance and skill. Players are immersed in an intuitive gameplay experience where they strategically drop a chip through a maze of pegs, with its landing slot determining potential rewards. Key features that enhance the gaming experience include its user-friendly design, high return to player (RTP) rate, mobile compatibility, and the ability to play in cryptocurrency. Plinko offers players a captivating blend of strategy, luck, and potential for substantial rewards, making it a must-try in the realm of online casino games.


The objective of Plinko is to drop a number of discs down a game board and have them land in specific slots that correspond with different prizes. Each disc you drop has an equal chance of landing in each slot, so it’s all up to luck as to which prize you will end up winning.

Playing Plinko is simple – just purchase your discs from the casino host at the counter and then head over to the game board. Place each of your discs onto the top row and let them drop down one-by-one until they reach the bottom. Depending on which slot each disc falls in, that will determine the prize you win.

Yes, typically Plinko is set up where you pay a certain price for each disc. Make sure to check with the host at the counter before purchasing any discs so that you know exactly how much you are paying per game. 

Prizes vary from casino to casino but generally range from free drinks and snacks all the way up to cash rewards or tickets for larger prizes like trips or electronics. You never know what you might end up winning!

No, Plinko is 100% luck based. You don’t need any special skills to play this game as the outcome of each disc is completely random so you just have to hope for the best!

No, Plinko can be found in a variety of locations including carnivals, arcades, and even some online casinos. However, it is most commonly found in physical casinos where you can actually watch your discs drop down the board.

That depends on the particular casino or game set up. Generally, Plinko is a game suited more for adults but some venues may offer age-appropriate versions of the game that are better suited for kids. Make sure to check with the host at each location before playing any version of Plinko.

No, unfortunately as this is a luck based game there really aren’t any proven strategies that can help you win. The outcome of each disc dropped is completely random so your best bet is just to cross your fingers and hope for the best!